British ace confident, that he can bag the French Open semi finals this season

Britain’s number one Andy Murray seems quite confident that he can take on Rafael Nadal easily and can bag the semi finals. The Brit seems to be of the option that he has every bit of chance to alter the game play at the Roland Garros by topping over Rafael Nadal, the king of the clay court.

Talking to a popular newspaper, John McEnroe commented that back in his days, the popular saying among tennis players was that the trickiest thing to do on court was to defeat Bjorn Borg on the clay court. However, things have altered quite a bit of late and the ’one’ person most difficult to defeat at present is Rafael Nadal.

This Friday at the semi finals, Murray will get the chance to take on the clay court ace and chase the almost impossible dream. The question here is that, whether he can accomplish what just man could do previously- Robin Soderling!

The intimidation quotient is practically enormous at present for Murray. Out of total 65 matches played at the Roland Garros, Nadal has practically succeeded in all of them except just one, which is extremely impressive. As the fans gear up for the upcoming match, Nadal, contradicting the media pundits feel that Murray too has a good chance to bag the game and defeat him. The British numbero uno is in great form and he might even do the impossible and secure his position in the finals.

More than backhands and forehands, the battle this time is going to be more about mindsets. It has been seen a tad too many times how Murray gets too overwhelmed on court, which might make Nadal’s already strong game, stronger. Only time will tell how the two face off on Friday and who bags the game finally.