Djokovic Triumphs at Roland Garros

There is much discussion about Djokovic and the number of Grand Slams he has won. He is considered a Serbian star and many wonder how he is able to continue with his path of success.

Andy Murray had the first 48 minutes of the French Open match. He was confidently following up on the deliveries and pounding away. Murray started to serve high and followed up on the deliveries. Initially, it seemed that he was bullying Djokovic. The tactics that he used were similar to what he had used when he gained victory in the match in Rome.

However, as a solitary game came forth, Murray lost as his form lost a bit of the steam. He started to play tentatively. There were a couple of mistakes committed by him and that is when the game went in favor of Djokovic.

In many matches this might not have signaled the end of the world. Even if the errors did come forth, they did not need to signify an end for Murray. However, Novak is unique in his style of playing. As a result, he was able to grab the opportunity that came forth. He was able to clinch the fourth slam which has proven to the world of tennis that he is unique like no one else. The errant game played by Murray gave Novak enough opportunity to take over the rest of the match.

For those who have been watching, they witnessed the way Novak took over the match. Though Murray kept up the fight till the end, he was unsuccessful in getting back the opportunity that he lost. As a result Murray lost out and Novak won the title match. For the fans, it was a delight to watch and an exciting game indeed.