Focus on Kafelnikov

Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Kafelnikov is a former Russian professional tennis player. He was born in 1974. Kafelnikov had announced his retirement from the professional tennis in 2003. He is currently doing Television commentary for a television channel in Russia. After retiring from professional tennis, Kafelnikov started playing Golf. He is doing quite well in Golf and he was the winner of the Russian Championship of Golf last year. Kafelnikov said that he wants to represent Russia in Golf in the Olympics of 2016 and he is working hard to qualify for the Olympics.

Kafelnikov also worked as the coach of Marat Safin during the Miami Masters tournament in 2008. Kafelnikov won a total of 6 grand slam titles during his career, out of which two were singles title and four were doubles title. He won the singles title in the French Open of 1996 and US open of 1999.

Not only did he perform brilliantly in the professional tennis, he also gave some amazing performances for Russia and made his country proud. He won the Gold medal in the Olympics of 2000, which were held in Sydney, Australia. Russia won the Davis Cup tournament in 2002 and Kafelnikov contributed a lot in that. He used to play in doubles with Daniel Vacek. The pair won the doubles title of French Open consecutively in 1996 and 1997. These two also went on to win the US Open in 1997. But, later on Kafelnikov made pair with Paul Haarhuis. This pair went on to win the French Open in 2002.

Kafelnikov is one of the very few players in the world who have got a very good record against Roger Federer. Kafelnikov has played 6 matches against Federer, out of which he won 4 matches and lost 2. Also, only 7 players in the world have beaten Federer in the Wimbledon Championship and Kafelnikov is one of them.