Kafelnikov is a very old player who was born in the year 1974. If compared to players of this generation like Djokovic, Nadal etc he has an older link to the game. Kafelnikov is known to hold the record of being former number 1 world player from Russia. Though he is originating from France he plays for other tournaments as well. This can be very well seen from the fact that he won two grand slam events (titles) one being the Australian Open and the other being the French Open. This was not the end to his victories but just the beginning. Kafelnikov also won the grand slam doubles title and alongside the Men’s singles gold medal.

Who says that Kafelnikov was only a tennis player? After his retirement he also took part and participated in Poker tournaments and also in PGA European tour in 2005 and the 2008 Russian Open.  Apart from just the ATP Masters Series and the World Tour Masters, Kafelnikov also took part in ATP International Series and in the ATP World Tour 25 series.

Kafelnikov played and participated in many matches where either in most of them he either finished it off by winning the titles while the rest he finished it of by getting the runner up position.  Coming to the big matches and tournaments, Kafelnikov took part in the Australia Open, French Open, U.S Open and the Wimbledon. The ratios of the matches won to the matches was more to the brighter side stating that there were more matches won than matches lost in these tournaments.  The same can be said about these master series like the Monte Carlo, Miami and the Indian Wells et al. Kafelnikov also holds the record of beating Roger Federer in theWimbledon.