Kafelnikov’s kid takes Internet by Storm

Kafelnikov’s kid has done something which seems to have taken the internet world by storm.

The girl named Olesya who is just 16 years of age at the moment uploaded a video on a social networking site late yesterday.

In that video, one could see her putting on some vulgar steps on the floor.

The video is not there on that site any more as she got it removed after a few hours.

But, some people took snaps of it in that very short while and those snaps have been spread widely.

Most of the viewers who commented there on that post of Olesya did not use appreciative words.

One of the comments read, “The girl has got quite a good shape, but, she is definitely not old enough for such things I reckon. I am shocked to say the least.”

While, the other comment was, “It’s provocative. I don’ think the teenagers should do it. Not appraisable I would say.”

However, not all the viewers just slammed the girl. There were voices of support too, but, they were very few in numbers.

One supportive viewer wrote, “Some of the people over here should get a bit matured and stop criticizing teenagers for unnecessary reasons. Yes, she is not that old, but, there is nothing wrong if she wants to flaunt what she has got.”

Despite the removal of the video, it is going to be talked about a lot in Russia as Kafelnikov is quite a renowned personality there.

Although, he retired more than 11 years back, but, because of the fact that he has been one of most successful male tennis players from the country, he is still fairly popular.

He himself would also be a little upset about this act of her daughter.