Kafelnikov daughter Video on Internet

The video that the daughter of Kafelnikov had uploaded on the internet some time back finally worked for her as she managed to bag a modelling assignment in the capital city of France.

She had taken the fans of Kafelnikov aback by capturing her sexy poses in a video and then, putting it on a social networking site last year.

She was criticized at that time for doing something which was not appropriate for her age, but, that ultimately proved to be beneficial for her.

That video prompted one of the top modelling companies of France to hire her.

Lesa is one of the two children that Kafelnikov has got and she is believed to be pretty close to her father. On many occasions, the two of them have got snapped together.

After that video incident, Kafelnikov did not actually express his view in public. But, he would not have liked it for sure.

He would not have expected such a thing from her daughter; that is for certain.

Having modelling aspirations is another thing, but, to put up such an erotic sort of video was below the belt and for somebody who is associated with as renowned a personality as Kafelnikov, it was inappropriate, totally inappropriate.

Lesa did not let that video be there on that website for too long though. As soon as she realized that her post was starting to create controversy, she removed it, but, the screenshots were already grabbed and they got spread everywhere.

However, that did not prove to be such a bad thing as it ultimately earned her a big career making opportunity.

Lesa has only seen 16 springs in her life. Getting a big opportunity at this age is just awesome on her part.