Kafelnikov Reveals His Sadness After Falling Out With Her Model Daughter After Arguing About Her Boyfriend

Yevgeny Kafelnikov the former tennis star has now admitted that he had ‘never felt so down’ after a fallout with Alesya, his 18-year-old model daughter

He seems to be upset over an Alesya’s relationship with rap singer Pharaoh, whose real name is Gleb Golubin. The Russian model has admitted on social media in a recent post that the pair – always close – have not spoken recently.

On twitter, she twitted: ‘For the two months, I have not seen Yevgeny Kafelnikov. This is not because I do not love him. He is my father and I love him a lot. But I want to learn about myself a bit more.’
She tweeted today that: ‘Just to make you understand, for four years I fell asleep and have woke next to the portrait of my dad. And now I am on his blacklist.’

The other media platform says about this a ‘quarrel’ had made her for leaving her home but she was alleged to have been based in Britain. Thus, it is unclear if she walked out of the family house. The sources say that ‘After a scandal with her father Alishya she left home,

She believed to have replied: ‘At the moment, I am so all over the place. I have never felt so hormonal, depressed and done with life.’ Kafelnikov had expressed concern about the diet and weight of her daughter and also branding her ‘anorexic’. According to reports, she is a size zero. Her weight is 50kg with a height of 5ft 7in.

Alesya has consulted doctors for her health related issues and have received positive node for that. But as far as Kafelnikov is concerned, as a father, her concern for her is genuine.