Kafelnikov – The Protective Father

Yevgeny Kafelnikov is taking a stance when it comes to the modelling career of his daughter. He states that his daughter’s fan followers on Instagram are encouraging her thin frame and it has caused her to become anorexic. Yevgeny is of former tennis fame.

Today he is concerned about his daughter’s health though many find his daughter’s popularity to be entertaining. Kafelnikov alleged that she has developed an eating disorder after her modelling career has taken off.

His stance is mainly towards her followers on Instagram and other social media sites. He feels that her thinness is extreme and this should not be encouraged by her fans. Kafelnikov was a former number one player from Russia. He has even won the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. He wishes to raise concern about the health of his seventeen year old daughter who is into modelling.

Whilst Kafelnikov is well aware of the physical factors in tennis, he also knows about real life, and is saddened by the lengths people have to go to to become models.

Kafelnikov is 42 years of age. His daughter, after she has started modeling, has moved to Paris. As Kafelnikov feels that she ignores his advice, he is resorting to gaining help from her followers on social media. He feels that, before she started modelling she weighed 52 kg, which was a good weight.

Now that she has been losing weight radically, it will bring on health problems, especially in the future. Alesya has lost significant weight after she started modelling at the age of 16. She was discovered and signed on by Elite London in the year 2015. She has a large number of followers, mainly underage girls who encourage her weight loss as they gain images of photo shoots and runways and glimpses of luxurious getaways through her updates.

Kafelnikov feels that the advice of the underage girls is misleading for his daughter. He feels that she needs to get over this destructive behavior and get back to a healthy physique.