1. Cada vez que veia un tiro asi del Chino decia… Chino ql, como mierda hacia esas weas…

  2. 3 or 4 stand out players now the rest are average!! so many great players from the past who would spice up tennis now and rios is one of them!!!

  3. @parklife1984 Jajaja entonces ser número 1 es una mierda en tenis según tú???? jejeje

  4. @metallkristian Los tenistas pasan a la historia por los GS que ganan, no por ser número 1, eso lo sabe hasta el más memo. Por eso Federer es el más grande de la historia, y Vilas será siempre mejor que Ríos. Punto y final

  5. I remember when Rios shot through the ranks, 1994 ish. He was a clay court specialist, good on hardcourts but hated grass. Why? Extreme western forehand, is hard to dig out them shots that stay low, like on grass. Rios hated wimbeldon and was a first round loser many times. And he was a whiner. He could be top 20 nowdays easy. Mens tennis isnt any better than in the 90’s. Just as many big hitters back then. Sampras, Becker, Rafter, Agassi, would be top 10 easy.

  6. Bicampeón mundial en equipos,
    Campeón olímpico en singles y dobles,
    Medalla de Bronce en Atenas,
    Medalla de Plata en Beijing,
    Subcampeón Copa Davis,
    Subcampeón Mundial Sub-18,
    Campeón Mundial Sub-16,
    Campeón Mundial Sub-14,
    Número uno femenino pre WTA,
    Número uno masculino Junior,
    Número uno masculino de la ATP,
    3 Top Ten masculinos,
    1 Grand Slam singles femenino,
    2 Grand Slam dobles masculino,
    5 Masters Series,
    4 Finales en un Grand Slam.


  7. @ZurdoMagico Even if you say Rios had more natural talent than Federer, he definitely didn’t have the champion’s attitude. He would never have made the kinds of records Federer did if he was in today’s era and without injury

  8. @ZurdoMagico Wow Bitter much? lol Rios had all the chances in the world to win grand slams but he FAILED. period.

  9. I agree with Rios as being an underachiever but no way was Kafelnikov one – in fact he won more than he should have.