Maria Sharapova – Brilliant Career of Tennis

Kafelnikov’s countrywoman Maria Sharapova has finished another season being in top 2 in the world rankings.

The 27 year-old won a Grand Slam last season i.e. the French Open. It was her second singles title at Roland Garros.

Apart from that, in the tournaments in Stuttgart and Rome also, she went all the way, but, still, she would not have been that happy with her season.

She would think she could perhaps have won more and could have got to no. 1 ranking.

Obviously, that shoulder injury of her in the last quarter of the season was a hindrance, but, her form was not scintillating either.

In fact, if the whole career of Sharapova is analyzed, the experts would say and have been saying in fact that a gifted player like her should have had more majors in her kitty than what she actually has at this point in time.

Sharapova has won only 5 slams so far and she is miles behind somebody like Serena Williams in that regard.

Obviously, Serena came to the professional circuit a bit earlier than Sharapova, but, she has been much more consistent.

Sharapova is already a superstar. There is no doubt about her stardom at all. For a player who is only in the late twenties to win all the 4 slams, it’s a feat which she should be proud of.

But, to get into the league of Serena Williams or say Steffi Graf, Sharapova needs some more majors.

She is good enough to win more than 10 Slams. She is only 27 mind you and she can easily be at her best till 32-33.

Serena is a great example. She has probably played some of her best tennis after the age of 30.

Sharapova can do that too and she has to do that if she wants to be remembered as a legend. Five slams are far too less for a player like her.