Just 12 months after his Olympic hurrah, Andre Agassi had developed an aversion to playing Tennis. For someone who had already topped the rankings in her career to fall to 140 and to have to be a wild-card entrant in the tournaments and to be getting eliminated by far younger players, Agassi says it was […]

Kafelnikov – The Protective Father

Yevgeny Kafelnikov is taking a stance when it comes to the modelling career of his daughter. He states that his daughter’s fan followers on Instagram are encouraging her thin frame and it has caused her to become anorexic. Yevgeny is of former tennis fame. Today he is concerned about his daughter’s health though many find […]

Sharapova Appeals Ban

The latest news in the tennis world is the news about Maria Sharapova and she has been banned from participating in the sports tournament. Since Maria has been found to be taking a banned substance, there has been much talk. The latest news is that she would be appealing the ban as it backdates to […]

Djokovic Triumphs at Roland Garros

There is much discussion about Djokovic and the number of Grand Slams he has won. He is considered a Serbian star and many wonder how he is able to continue with his path of success. Andy Murray had the first 48 minutes of the French Open match. He was confidently following up on the deliveries […]

Serena Williams is Top Earning Player

The battle between women tennis players continues to get intense. Serena has recently obtained another win and that makes her one of the top earners in the women’s tennis circuit. She has beaten Sharapova and is considered the top earner in the circuit. Serena Williams is definitely a name to contend with in the world […]

Youzhny needs to calm his hot temper

Kafelnikov’s countryman, Mikhail Youzhny, really needs to do something about his hot temper. The way he keeps banging himself with the tennis racquet every time he puts up a poor performance, he might end up getting hurt very badly some day. Playing in the opening round at Roland Garros yesterday, he played a disappointing shot […]