Serena Williams is Top Earning Player

The battle between women tennis players continues to get intense. Serena has recently obtained another win and that makes her one of the top earners in the women’s tennis circuit. She has beaten Sharapova and is considered the top earner in the circuit.

Serena Williams is definitely a name to contend with in the world of women’s tennis. She has won the second best position at the French Open. However, when it comes to earnings she has moved up to the top position. Maria Sharapova was known to have been the top earner in this segment, but Serena has taken that position now. This is as per the Forbes Magazine sources. Williams has ended the reign of the Russian player which has lasted over a decade.

She has hauled in a win money of $US28.9 million. This has been a result of the off field earnings as well as prize money earned over the last twelve months. That is as per the findings of the study. Sharapova on the other hand, lost some of the money from sponsorship when she tested positive for a drug that was banned called meldonium. That happened before the Australian Open which was held in January. She is now under suspension. Hence, her position has slid down to second spot and she has a total earning of $US21.9 million.

If you look at the earnings of women in the world of sports, Ronda Rousey is a mixed martial arts champion from America and she stands in the third position when it comes to earnings in total annually. The fourth position is held by Danica Patrick, NASCAR driver. The remaining women earners in the top ten are all tennis players. It is not hard to see where the glamor lies for women sports players and their enthusiasts then.