Sharapova Appeals Ban

The latest news in the tennis world is the news about Maria Sharapova and she has been banned from participating in the sports tournament. Since Maria has been found to be taking a banned substance, there has been much talk.

The latest news is that she would be appealing the ban as it backdates to the Australian Open. Maria has been imposed a ban for two years, but she is opposing the same. The ban was imposed on her by the International Tennis Federation.

She stated that she would be appealing the ban as she feels that her reputation is at stake. As ITF seems to be hell bent to prove that she took the drug intentionally, she states that she will appeal the ban as it is not right. She insists that she did not take the banned substance knowingly and that makes a world of difference to her fans, those who have been waiting to hear her response are glad that she is willing to stand up for what she believes in and to set the records straight.

Those who are fans of Maria Sharapova will certainly remember how she attained the position of number one. Even if she does not hold that title anymore, it is certainly a world class ranked player we are talking about. Hence it is heartening to see that Maria has decided to speak out and would not be taking the two year ban lying down.

She is also contesting the fact that ITF says that she took the drug even after knowing what the regulations stated. This is being contested by Maria again as she states that she was unaware of the ban and that is the truth. She is working with the Court of Arbitration in Sport so that the two year ban can be refuted and she can be reinstated in her career again.