1. Roger didn’t create any kind of forehand. The horizontal (and shorter) prep
    is more popular since the beggining of the 2000’s, instead of a wider loop.
    Top players use the same prep juste because it’s the way professionnals
    players play nowadays. It’s just a consequence of powerful and modern
    tennis, which doesn’t let so much time for preparing. He has neither
    “created” nor “popularized” that.

  2. This is a great clip because you see Federer and eight guys who are copying
    his forehand 🙂

  3. you don’t know what a horizontal forehand is but you’re claiming to be an
    expert? bravo. and if you can’t tell that these players are hitting
    fundamentally the same forehand as Federer and also don’t know that Federer
    is both the guy who popularized it and the reason so many players on both
    the men’s and women’s tours hit this forehand, you’ve probably been
    watching table tennis for the past decade.

  4. so you’re saying Roger Federer isn’t the reason most players hit a
    horizontal forehand now

  5. If you go back far enough in time, you will
    *always* find someone who uses a modern FH message software would not allow
    me to leave the entire post for another great YouTube clip … just add the
    beginning of the normal URL

  6. Listen mate this was the top 10 ranked players at the time of me making the

  7. From this list of 10 players I would certainly pick up only few of them.
    For instance Roger, Nadal, Djokovic and Berdych. All these guys are using
    the way that I like to call the “45 degrees forehand” especially on the
    prep phase. At the prep phase they all keep the racquet tilted at 45
    degrees angle preserving the angular momentum in the forearm “wrist
    rotation”.Notice that they delay as much as they can the “lay back wrist ”
    which in my opinion it’s result of the tremendous speed of the arm

  8. Nonsense comments. 10 guys who copy Roger’s FH.None of these forehands are
    simmilair especially if you compare Rog and Nad forehand’s.

  9. Popularizing prep has nothing to do with whether Fed’s forehand created
    some sort of revolutionary technique, his prep is very similar to someone
    he idolized growing up, Boris Becker. The versatility of his forehand is
    what makes it great, he can hit it with spin, flat, stationary, moving.Most
    of the other guys you’ll notice their forehands change when forced to hit
    on the move. What they all have in common is how they pronate at beginning
    of forward motion, not just at impact.

  10. haha i dont even know what you mean by “horizontal forehand”, but if you
    compare federer, nadals and djokovic’s forehand, for instance, you won’t
    find the same or even copies of federers, as djokovic’s forehand take back
    for example is way larger than federers. also federer plus eight guys is 9
    and the clip shows ten players, just to let you know.

  11. first of all there are players in this list with no very good technique,
    and if you doesn’t put Verdasco and del Potro in the list you have no