1. Yevgeny era mi jugador favorito después de Marcelo Rios.. jiji soy
    Chileno… pero tenía un tenis muy entretenido y era muy inteligente y
    estratégico para jugar… saludos…

  2. Thanks Yevgeny for such a beautiful backhand. I copy that lock wrist and
    drive through the ball. THey should teach the Yevgeny two handed backhand!

  3. You know why he is not as fit as he was before? He loves his daughter more
    than tennis now. 🙂

  4. agree with the boys – Евгений Александрович Кафельников is one of my
    favorite players as well….

  5. money makes them fat those Russian Mafia. I use to be fan of him when I was
    innocent, lol

  6. Man he’s put on a more than a few pounds. When I last saw him in 2000 at
    the US Open, he was lean and fit. I guess it all catches up to us…

  7. @mythofameaning …Um, I think what you’re trying to say is that someone’s
    let themselves go…..ALOT!!!! LOL

  8. Prachtige clip! Ik ben blij dat ik uit z’n generatie kom en veel van deze
    top tennissers heb zien spelen. Duidelijk dat z’n dochter een grote en
    positieve invloed op hem heeft! Mooi om te zien!