Youzhny needs to calm his hot temper

Kafelnikov’s countryman, Mikhail Youzhny, really needs to do something about his hot temper. The way he keeps banging himself with the tennis racquet every time he puts up a poor performance, he might end up getting hurt very badly some day.

Playing in the opening round at Roland Garros yesterday, he played a disappointing shot and out of frustration, he madly hit his head with the front portion of the racquet. He was lucky to be able to take the blow without too much of damage, but, it could so easily have proven to be dangerous.

And, it wasn’t the first occasion that Youznhy did something like this on the court. He does it every now and then.

The 32-year old Russian had banged his head with the racquet in a tournament a few years back as well and in fact, that time, the blow was so fierce that his head had started bleeding.

He is an elder statesman on the tour, Youzhny. So, he should look to set example for the young players. Flaunting his temper this way on the court is not going to earn him that much respect in the tennis world at all. As far as that opening round match is concerned, Youzhny eventually withdrew himself from it after losing the first two sets. He had been able to win just three games in those two sets.

Youzhny, whose best Grand Slam performances have been a couple of semi final appearances in the US Open, does not seem to have too many years left in his career now. He is 64th in the World rankings at present and anyone can easily say that he is past his prime.

He has got 10 singles and 9 doubles ATP titles to show off.